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Las Vegas Arm Candy Entertainment

The ladies of Wing Woman Tours a.k.a. Las Vegas Escorts of Nevada profice the visiting executive with appropriate candy to enjoy while in Sin City.

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After interviewing the owners of three escort agencies in Las Vegas I've learned that the stigma of the media when an agency employees accused of crossing the line and engages in an illegal activity has a ripple effect through the industry. An agency is nothing like the pimp a stable of girls seen in the movies. A legal agency in Nevada pays business taxes, it employs several people to handle customer telephone calls, online chat and emails from customers.

It's been made very clear, the difference between an escort and a prostitute is the sale of sex which is legal in Nevada, but not in Clark County, home of Las Vegas. Prostitutes sell sex, escorts do not.

"Our agency has a broad spectrum of clients. Upscale professionals top dollar for an hours worth of attention from a charming buxom beauty. Your average Joe who lost his rent at the tables and wants to spend his last dollar and hours in Las Vegas buying a drink at the bar for a beautiful woman before he goes back to Michigan and the factory and his friends" said Markus, the owner of a Vegas escort agency.

Louis, owner of a newer agency (opened in 2012) said "The rub here is people know prostitution is legal in Nevada and assume we run brothels. Some are disappointed when they find out escorts sell time for companionship not sex." He concluded our interview by telling me "Hey buddy, this is Las Vegas, we're the best agency in town, we send out girls for companionship and send the guys home broke with bragging rights."

Mr. D. operates as he describes it "The most exclusive VIP escort agency in Las Vegas." It's based on the tried and true 'Wing Man Model'. Where the friend who stays close to your side and every move he makes, every word out of his mouth make you look better than you ever could on your own.

The women employed at 'The House of D' cater to the professional gentleman who needs the most beautiful woman in the room to be at his side whenever a camera or member of the paparazzi may be near. "Image is everything to our clients, we provide eye-candy for the discriminating taste you can't put a price on". Somehow I still believe he's found a way to set a price but Mr. D. like the women who work with him, doesn't kiss and tell.

D. doesn't think of himself or the women who work with him to be just another escort provider in Las Vegas. "We provide a quality of true companionship that is so often ignored by the other guys".

Websites like are not recommended by any of the agency owners I had the chance to meet with. They each told me they have websites to make contacting their business easy and discreet.

In keeping with the spirit of the adult industry, names in this article have been changed to 'protect the innocent'.

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